About Us


Elaine Chamberland, Admin.Asst.
Director of First Impressions

No one likes stepping out of their comfort zone. That’s why I’m here! I love meeting, greeting, and helping people. If I can put a smile on your face or be helpful when you call us on the phone, than I consider it a successful day.


Julie Tammaro, Office Mgr
Dir of HR and Billing Dept.


Sarah Giardini, LICSW
Child and Family Therapist

Every child has special qualities and abilities that make them unique.  My hope is to help them see their uniqueness as what makes them special, to provide a safe and supportive environment where they can be free to express who they are, and to above all. . . believe in themselves.


Meghan Singh, Ed.S.
NCSP School Psychologist / Bilingual

I love my work because I can see a student understand themselves in a different light, to understand their strengths. I feel privileged to support families as they breathe a sigh of relief when they understand their child’s abilities and how we will address their weaknesses from a strengths based perspective.. (Especialmente, me encanta trabajando con estudiantes y familias bilingues, para se apoyar en escuela y en casa. Estos casos son mi passion de vida, asegurando ellos recibir sus derechos civiles para un education.)


Tracy Clemente, LMHC, LMFT
Child, Adult, Marriage and Family Therapist

I truly enjoy working with children, adults, couples and families as they face the variety of obstacles that life presents. I specialize in marriage and family therapy so I particularly focus on improving relationships, aiding with communication, and using interventions that allow for growth and change.


Maggie Archibald, LMHC
Adolescent, Family, Couple, and Adult Therapist, Peer Supervisor

Seeking counseling can feel overwhelming for some. I consider it my job to make you feel welcome and comfortable. I see my role as being an advocate for self care and introspection. In a world where it often feels natural to be hard on ourselves, I am here to encourage you to be kind to yourself.


Sheila Diestel, MA, CAGS
Certified School Psychologist

Each and every student has a different learning profile, and sometimes it’s hard to fully understand how a child learns best.  As a school psychologist, it is a true pleasure for me to help each student unlock their individual abilities and potential, while offering support to both families and schools to help meet those individual needs.


Deborah Rouslin, LICSW
Adolescent, Adult, and Family Therapist


Dr. Sarah Prevelige, Ed.D., LEP, NCSP, ABSNP

” There are no roadmaps to parenting, so when our children begin to struggle academically, emotionally or behaviorally it can be very stressful. My job is to make the journey easier! I began SECM in 2005 in order to bridge the gap between LD identification and truly individualized strategies to promote success. I love helping put the pieces together through neuropsychological testing, consulting with school systems, and supporting parents that are overwhelmed by their child’s identified learning profile.”

Dr. Prevelige is a licensed educational psychologist focused on assisting children and families navigating learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, and social/emotional difficulties. Her professional background has allowed her the opportunity to work and consult with many diverse populations. For more details regarding her background, degrees and experiences, please contact us for her detailed vitae and professional affiliations.

Dr. Prevelige speaks fondly of a young child she tested, who returned after treatment began to report, “Dr. P, before my brain didn’t listen to me. Now I’m reading and doing math and my brain is listening!” These are the moments that we are proud that Dr. Prevelige is in a role to make a difference in the lives of our children..
– quote from parent of two children with special needs